Can Being a Trump Supporter, Get You Fired or Not Hired

Contrary to popular belief, Federal law does not safeguard American employees from getting fired due to their political views. The First Amendment only prohibits the U.S government from impeding freedom of speech. Therefore, this law only protects government employees from losing their jobs based on political activities. There are no limits for the private sector, and you may get fired for declaring your political affiliations.

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UserTesting To Create 70 Tech Jobs In Edinburgh

UserTesting, a Silicon Valley company which helps firms to tweak their websites and apps for the best user experience, is creating 70 new tech jobs in Edinburgh.

The recruitment drive in the Scottish capital has been facilitated after UserTesting secured funding of £3.2 million from Scottish Enterprise, a non-departmental public arm of the Scottish Government.

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Mass layoffs loom for Silicon Valley service workers

A recent report by the trade union-aligned Working Partnerships USA organization highlights the impending threat of mass layoffs among lower-wage service workers at Silicon Valley tech companies.

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