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5 questions about forging a career in fintech answered

Wondering what it takes to carve out a career in fintech? It’s an industry going from strength to strength with plenty of different opportunities. You can opt to work for a specialised firm, such as Revolut or Stripe, or as part of a fintech team in companies like Accenture or Aon.

“As the fintech landscape is evolving rapidly, we need people with more and more diverse ideas on how to make financial tools universally available to empower people towards their individual progress,” he told this summer.

According to Sanghi, achieving this requires a “good understanding of how technology is evolving in terms of payments, banking, investing and lending, among others”. Thorough observation skills and knowledge of consumer behaviours and trends are also key.

“The current generation of people coming into the banking system for the first time ever is experiencing services in a completely different way than all prior generations,” he explained. “Having a good understanding of consumers’ needs is a great skill to develop.”

Sanghi had further advice for newcomers. He is a firm believer in on-the-job learning for aspiring fintech professionals. “The best way to develop new skills is to work in the industry and gain valuable experience,” he said.

“But instead of working at the traditional big bank, maybe try working at a fast-paced, high-growth start-up that is in the early stages and still trying to figure its way out. It will almost be like a crash course on multiple different subjects.” Read more via SiliconRepublic

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