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6 ways to manage burnout during a long job search

Today’s job prospects are a far cry from early 2020 projections that the year would put job seekers in the driver’s seat of finding new work. Across the country, tens of millions of Americans continue to receive unemployment benefits seven months into the pandemic-induced economic freefall. And according to the latest available data, there was roughly one job opening for every two people out of work in August.

Studies have shown that extended unemployment and underemployment can have a longstanding impact on a job seeker’s physical and mental health. And during a triple health, economic and racial justice crisis in America, the stress of being without a job and steady income can feel even more staggering.

  1. Limit your job-hunting hours
  2. Give yourself a ‘win’ every day
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings
  4. Plan something to look forward to every week
  5. Build a job-search buddy system
  6. Remember that none of this is personal Read more via CNBC

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