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Here’s What Leaving Silicon Valley Could Mean for Some Tech Workers’ Pay

Some tech workers who leave the San Francisco Bay Area face pay cuts depending on where they move

Workers for big tech companies in the Bay Area who are relocating to work remotely might be forced to take a pay cut, depending on where they choose to live. The new pay-cut movement stands to create tension between some of the most profitable companies in the world and their skilled and highly paid employees.

1. Companies are devising plans for a future with decentralized staffs

2. Some workers could face cuts of 15% or more

3. Some experts say cutting pay can backfire on employers

4. But the idea makes sense to some workers Read more via WSJ

Pemo Theodore

Pemo Theodore is a Media Publisher and a great people connector. She was Founder Silicon Valley TV which has served the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years! She has produced Silicon Valley Events for Investors & Startups for 10 years. Pemo loves to video interview venture capitalists & founders to engage the human behind the success stories.. She has been Executive Producer of FinTech Silicon Valley for 6 years, organizing twice monthly FinTech talks & panels in San Francisco & Palo Alto and audio podcasts. She believes in learning through a great discussion with experts in the domains. Pemo has a talent to bring the right people together and is an incredible networker. Pemo's events have been seen as supporting Venture Capitalists & Angels in sourcing great deal flow from startups who attend her events. Many founders have received funding through meeting investors at her events. Her favored medium is audio & visual media and she has built up a great body of work of videos of panels & interviews and podcasts in Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. She has lived & worked in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, London, Northern Ireland & Silicon Valley. Bio

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