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How To Get A Remote Job: Make These Changes To Your Résumé, Cover Letter and LinkedIn

If you’re looking for a remote job to escape the dangers and drudgery of office life, you’re not alone. Competition is fierce right now. LinkedIn reported that the number of remote job listings has nearly tripled since March.

But landing a remote job requires more than simply telling friends and recruiters you want a post in which you can work from anywhere.

In job application materials, the focus should not be your personal journey, but on how your past virtual experiences and skills make you the best fit for this job.

“You must craft your résumé taking into consideration what the company needs and expects from you to succeed in the role,”

  1. Showcase any and all remote experience
  2. Make sure your virtual tech skills are prominently displayed
  3. Don’t have virtual experience? There are ways to gain it
  4. The cover letter is not about you. It’s about how you can support the company
  5. Keep in mind that hiring managers who scan your job application are looking for key remote skills
  6. Make your profile headline on Linkedin a targeted pitch
  7. Filling up the “About” section matters, too Read more via HuffingtonPost

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