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Startup hiring in the pandemic: the unicorns, compared

Hiring in the tech sector is back to pre-pandemic levels, data from jobs site Otta suggests, and it’s fintech, social and gaming unicorns leading the way.

September saw 3,495 tech roles advertised in the UK, nearing the number in March (3,552) before the country’s coronavirus lockdown began.

For some roles, such as engineers, the number of advertised positions is now higher than it was before the pandemic.

Fintech’s recovery

The number of roles advertised by fintech companies is still less than it was in March — currently at 73% of the pre-pandemic rate — but the sector continues to rebound quickly in comparison to other areas. 

And it’s London-based fintech Revolut which has the most roles open of any tech company. Revolut also continued to hire throughout the height of the pandemic, advertising for more roles than any other scaleup in March, June and September.

“Despite lockdown we have continued our expansion plans, including launching services in Japan, USA and Australia,” said Vlad Yatsenko, cofounder of Revolut, which currently has around 2,000 employees. “We are currently looking to appoint around 200 positions.” Read more via Sifted

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