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These jobs will likely suffer the most in 2021 due to COVID-19

Glassdoor released its Workplace Trends report for 2021, breaking down the sectors most impacted by COVID-19.

I spoke with Glassdoor chief economist, Andrew Chamberlain, and he breaks down pandemic effective jobs into three categories. Jobs that won’t return until the coronavirus is under control, such as beauty consultants and stylists, as well as some jobs within the discretionary health industry. The second category is jobs that may take years to come back, such as those in the food service industry, and some within education, due to lack of enrollment from especially foreign-born students who don’t want to come into the US, and take part in masters degree programs. And the third are jobs that may never come back due to advances in AI technology such as administrative assistants and HR positions.

We’re now seeing people who are in untraditional areas such as Colorado, people who are not on the coast and in Silicon Valley in New York, really starting to get opportunities, because now you can pretty much do some jobs from anywhere. The downside to that is people who did work in Silicon Valley and New York will most likely see some sort of a pay decrease, because part of the incentive in paying those jobs is because they had to live in these high priced areas. But now that so many people have left these areas, gone back to their hometowns, particularly in the Midwest, the companies are saying, listen, we don’t have to pay you that much because you’re not living in these expensive areas.

So for some people, this is actually a good thing, it brings more opportunity. But for those who are used to seeing those paychecks due to cities they lived in, they’re actually going to see a decline.

And we see the flipside of that, as well, as these companies increasingly look to hire outside of the US, because now they can with so many of these jobs being remote. Read more via YahooFinance

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