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This AI recruitment tool detects potential, not experience

Silicon Valley startup Eightfold believes that focusing on experience alone is limiting

Businesses continue to utilize AI for recruitment, overcoming human biases and considering all applicants
Silicon startup Eightfold.AI is one such enterprise hoping to lead the way in the AI recruitment revolution
Its AI ‘Capability Matrix’ informs a more holistic approach to hiring, rather than looking solely at experience
If AI is well equipped to expedite arduous onboarding processes, is it equally adept in the actual hiring process? Strap in.

Employers the world over have long dreamed of harnessing technology to widen their recruitment net. To what end? Well, to get the best talent in the door, to reduce reliance on human recruiter subjectivity, to achieve a more diverse, representative, and sustained employee base. Read more via TechHQ

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