As banking jobs move to Europe because of Brexit, some dig in

Slowly but surely some jobs are moving out of London and into the EU. The new EY financial services Brexit tracker suggests 400 have migrated in the past month out of a total of 7,500 since the EU referendum in 2016. More moves are expected as the January deadline approaches. 

But as moves to Europe firm up, some are increasingly uncertain about leaving. Headhunters say calls from finance professionals looking for “something in London” are proliferating. “I’m getting up to 20 calls a week from people asking if there are opportunities that will allow them to stay here,” says one London fixed income headhunter. “They’re looking for everything from fintech opportunities, to buyside opportunities, to banks that are just trying to hold out in the City – not that there will be any of those.” Read more via EFinancialCareers