As Layoffs Become Common, Will We Find More Honest Job Seekers and Empathetic Interviewers

But for employees, being shed as a part of an enterprise’s flab is not a great start for a job hunt. Failed business models, poor management, and client losses — the usual answers that candidates give to explain lay-offs are passé now. Even the fittest of companies have got a jolt in Covid times, so can we just say Covid when asked “why” and get to the next question? But that’s easier said than done!

Hiring decisions are supposed to be driven by a candidate’s future potential powered by past credentials. Recruiters will have to be less judgemental on what they see on CVs. The cornerstone reasons for hiring decisions, though, will remain the same, but the context of lay-offs should make for some honest interactions. After all, most of us by now should know someone personally or professionally who have lost their jobs due to Covid.

The helplessness of not being able to fully assist our near and dear ones with new jobs should translate into more human interactions while interviewing similar people. Job seekers, on the other hand, will need to find the confidence that Covid lay-off is definitely not a taboo during interviews. The onus, though, will be on the hiring manager to provide that confidence. Read more via BBNTimes