Austin Claims Top Spot As Leading Tech Hub In WFH World

CompTIA’s latest report provides a great look at how the pandemic has impacted tech hubs. For the second year in a row, Austin clinched the number #1 spot as the go-to city for tech jobs.

For the second year in a row, Austin has taken the top spot in CompTIA’s U.S. Tech Town Index. The city has proven to be more resilient in the face of unprecedented change. As writer Adam Bluestein puts it, amid the WFH boom, “Austin could find itself inheriting an entirely new class of workers who don’t actually work here.”

According to CompTIA’s Tech Town Index 2020, Austin, one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., continues to be an increasingly favorable alternative to more traditional tech hubs like the Bay Area and New York City. The city’s lower cost of living and unique culture and lifestyle make it attractive to IT pros as well as tech companies looking for access to capital and a skilled workforce.

“There’s no doubt remote work is here to stay—even after the pandemic. IT pros are likely to be beneficiaries of such a change, and this could certainly shake things up when it comes to traditional tech hubs,” Nancy Hammervik, executive vice president of industry relations at CompTIA told Toolbox.

Besides tech majors Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon that expanded their footprints in Austin in 2019, the city is also home to 5,500 startups and tech companies, earning it the nickname ‘Silicon Hills.’

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