Avoid Being Underemployed With These 4 Tips

We’ve all been there before: you’re stuck in a job search for months, or even years, and finally, you receive the job offer you’ve been waiting for. However, it’s slightly under the salary range you would typically accept, and the job requirements don’t match your deep level of knowledge or skill set. What should you do?

In any job search, an employment offer is the exciting start of a new life and career. However, the allure of a new job can also possibly lead you down the underemployment path if you’re not careful. Underemployment is defined as a few different scenarios: a job in which you’re underpaid, underworked (not receiving enough hours) or asked to do tasks that are below your qualifications. Although underemployment can manifest itself in different forms, all can have an effect in your happiness and motivation. While the new job offer may seem attractive, if it meets any of the above criteria, it’s in your best interest to pass.

The good news is underemployment can be easily avoided. While it’s easy to go with the flow in your career, it’s necessary to train yourself to recognize underemployment before it happens. By becoming proactive about your career plans and staying true to your skillset, you can avoid the unemployment trap and actually love your job. Read more via TheHour