Global metric for ESG (environment, social, governance) sustainability likely to evolve out of Covid-19 crisis

Fourie spoke at a webinar on re-imagining capitalism. The other panellists included Harvard University Professor Rebecca Henderson and Gibs Ethics and Governance think tank founder and director Gideon Pogrund.

Henderson said “the world is on fire” and facing big challenges from environmental degradation, economic inequality and collapse, and threats to institutions.

“More and more people in the world can’t see how their children will be able to have the same lives they had, never mind a better life,” said Henderson.

Fourie said she had seen a massive increase in the size of investments into sustainable ESG-focused companies through the pandemic, and the crisis had shown that sustainable companies were more resilient to economic shocks.

She said that just like the development of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, the framework for which developed over 10 years following the Great Depression in the US, so a global sustainable development measurement scorecard and measurement was likely to be developed following the Covid-19 crisis.

Such a universally accepted standard would be particularly beneficial for global groups that operate in many jurisdictions with different standards for ESG.

She described the growth in investment funds flowing into sustainable companies as “vertical”, and it was clear these investments had started to dispel the perception that there was a financial trade-off in investing companies that focused on long-term sustainability.

Henderson said: “We know we want ESG reporting and we want it now. On the other hand we know that many of the ESG measurements that we have are not that great.” Read more via IOL