How to find a job at a tech startup and decide if you want to take it

IT professionals who don’t live in traditional tech hot spots have more job opportunities now that remote work has become the norm. 

If you are interested in working for a startup focused on machine learning, quantum computing, or 5G technology, you’ll need to be creative in your job search. Four tips for IT pros who want to make a jump to the world of tech startups. First, you have to know how to find the opportunity and market yourself. The  next challenge is to figure out whether the  job is a good fit.

  1. Track what VCs are chasing
  2. Find a social platform and participate
  3. Be prepared to ask difficult questions
  4. Networking advice for introverts:

Build context in advance: Read the company’s website, check out the CEO’s social media accounts, and read news about the company.Have questions ready: Ask about the company’s technology or current projects and come up with big-picture questions as well about management philosophy.
Follow up: Send an email thanking the person for his or her time and connect on LinkedIn.

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