Job seekers do have power

It often creates a strong emotional response. Anger, fear, worry, panic, sadness and feeling a lack of control are common responses.

Based on our personal experiences, and in working with our clients, we know that few good decisions are made in a state of panic or while under the influence of strong emotion.

Acknowledging one’s emotions can help put things in perspective more quickly.

Once the strongest emotions have waned, the job seeker is able to see that there are many aspects of the job hunt they can directly control.

Taking control of these aspects will get the job search moving in a productive direction.

1. the job seeker can control the messaging around her or his job loss, who gets told about the job loss, as well as when and what will be shared.

2. one of the most controllable but overlooked areas of the job search is how much networking activity the job seeker will generate.

3. Interview preparation is another area in which the job seeker has control.

4. Interview preparation gives the job seeker a chance to think about how they will match their skills and experiences to the needs of the employer.

5. choice to have a good attitude is also something a job seeker can control. Read more via TheGazette