Job seekers warned about political social media usage

“If they are putting too much of their personal opinion out there, and it does conflict with maybe that owner or that employer’s views, that could adhere from them from getting the position,” explains Myers.

Especially during a heated election year, while the country is rising out of a global pandemic, local job seekers we talked to say Facebook can be a warzone.

“People post extremely political ideas or just really radical posts,” says Dillon Sickels, a student at the University of Toledo whose been looking for contract work. Sickels says he’s created new social media pages and deleted old content to build a better online brand. “They’re going to search you on all of your pages because they can.”

Office job-seeker Ashley Simon says “I keep my Facebook as friendly as possible because I know there is a lot of unfriendly stuff out there right now.”

While it may be tempting, they’re refraining from going into battle while trying to find their next gig. In the long run, it may be one more way to get back to work. Read more via