More than 60% of Silicon Valley employees report remote burnout

Employees note that the remote format has its significant drawbacks, such as the inability to separate professional from personal life. Half of the respondents reported that they work even more remotely than in the office. Also among the disadvantages of working from home, respondents named fatigue from video chats.

More than three thousand employees of large companies participated in the survey: Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Among Facebook employees surveyed, there were more people who became more tired at work in a remote format – 81 percent.

Note that in Russia, according to a study by the service, a quarter of working Russians would like to stay at a remote location forever. More than 5.3 thousand people took part in the survey. 36 percent of the respondents would not want to work remotely at all, and 25 percent would stay in this mode forever. At the same time, for 20 percent it is comfortable to work from home for no more than a month, 18 percent are ready to do it from a month to three. Read more via PledgeTimes