Notes from a first-time job seeker in the pandemic

As of today, I have already sent my application to more than 15 employers. Only two of them invited me for an interview, while the rest either politely rejected my application or did not respond at all. However, I still made sure to give my best in the two interviews I booked. Sadly, I haven’t heard from them since. 

Receiving these rejections can be pretty discouraging. I blamed myself for not getting as much experience and as many credentials during my undergrad. I even considered my family’s lack of connections to politicians and people working in government offices as one of the reasons for my unemployment. Sometimes, you just think of these things to rationalize your disappointment. But in some ways,  I find comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in these struggles. 

All around the world, job seekers, experienced or fresh graduates alike, are feeling the effects of the worst economic recession since the Second World War. Labor demands exponentially increase as opportunities decline, leaving more people unemployed and making the market arena more competitive.  Read more via Rappler