The pandemic resume

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, our professional and personal roles in life were likely more easily defined. There has been so much intersection of roles and responsibilities lately that one singular title is no longer accurate.

I hate resumes. Although I am fully capable of writing resumes, it is not the type of writing that I enjoy. Some say that a good resume tells an interesting story. In my opinion, resumes fall short of presenting the actual person named at the top of them. Past accomplishments listed in bullet fashion emphasizing quantitative highlights are not impressive to me.

What does a resume header truly convey in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic? Our resumes as they stand today are false now that this pandemic has changed several of the jobs that we once held or are currently serving. If your header only says one word, such as barista, you are lying. If you are still in the ancient days of using objectives to state your desired job title, I am certain that any role anyone is playing right now is not what they envisioned.

Much of what you have done is not in your job description. That fact should not be used as arms against your employers but rather as credit to your adaptable skill. Look at how well you have managed to pivot in this season. To pivot is an act of acceptance and commitment. Pivoting requires willpower and willingness to have the right perspective during change. Read more via SuffolkNewsHerald