Trump immigration restrictions expected to impact economy long after he leaves White House

That’s pleased Trump’s supporters, but it will almost certainly cost the nation dearly in the future, with slower job growth, fewer start-ups and a weaker overall economy, economists, business leaders and immigration analysts say.

Among the most damaging of Trump’s anti-immigration efforts, according to experts, is his renewed push to deny visas to foreign workers with special skills and expertise that U.S. companies need.

Two recent rules issued by the Labor Department and the Department of Homeland Security are expected to make it significantly harder for tech firms to bring on workers from abroad under the so-called H-1B visa program.

Many economists say the rules will hurt the U.S. and help its foreign competitors. Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank, said he has started to see recruitment billboards placed by Canadians in Silicon Valley. Read more via TimesFreePress