Walmart cuts Sunnyvale tech jobs after Fandango deal

A Walmart deal to sell its Vudu stake has triggered layoffs for 216 Walmart workers, but most — although not all — of the affected workers were expected to find new positions fairly quickly, an official state government filing shows.

The staffing cutbacks at Walmart occurred in the wake of the retailing behemoth’s decision to sell its stake in Vudu, a digital video store and streaming service, to Fandango.

The job cuts transpired at a Walmart tech hub in Sunnyvale and affected workers at or near 840 W. California Ave. in Sunnyvale, according to a WARN notice that Walmart sent to the state’s Employment Development Department.

“Walmart is reducing its workforce at the Walmart office located at 840 West California Ave., Sunnyvale, as a result of the sale of Walmart’s interest in Vudu to Fandango Media,” Cassandra Richardson, senior director of human resources at Walmart, stated in an official notice delivered to the EDD.

The notice of the layoffs was officially received by the EDD on Oct. 14. The job cuts were effective on June 30. However, dozens of displaced workers remained on the Walmart payroll until Sept. 11, according to the WARN letter to the EDD.

Most of the workers who lost their jobs at Walmart are believed to have quickly found new positions at Fandango, which purchased Walmart’s stake in Vudu, an online video store that offers streaming movies and television shows.
“The buyer, Fandango, has offered positions to 158 employees,” Walmart stated in the filing.

The remaining 58 of the 216 affected workers have been given the opportunity to find a job with Walmart. Read more via SiliconValley