Young Adults Are Suffering Emotionally & Financially Due To Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 on families worldwide is indisputable; more than 1.07 million have lost their lives to the debilitating virus. In the U.S., the long-term implications for health and financial stability are still largely a matter of conjecture. But the immediate effects are nothing short of devastating, and new reports show Millennials and Generation Z may be getting hit hardest of all.

While COVID-19 can be infectious and deadly for any individual, many early reports suggested healthy young people were less likely to suffer from severe symptoms or deadly infection. However, that does not preclude young people from falling victim to tremendous – potentially irrecoverable – loss. The death of multiple family members, infection and lingering symptoms, and dramatic loss of economic footholds, are all plaguing the youngest generation of adults in America. Read more via Moms